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    Deborah Lee Luskin shares rich stories drawn from her 37 years living in Williamsville and Townsend. From running a medical practice, to writing several books including Into the Wilderness (rooted in her Vermont experiences), to teaching literature across the State, to being the Newfane Town Moderator as well as a commentator on Vermont Public Radio, Deborah is a keen observer of Vermont political and social life.
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    Ray Bates offers us two more stories of 1960’s life in Newfane including his involvement with the World Affairs Council and his experience running for election to the Zoning Commission.
  • Doris is sharing her knowledge and memories of Williamsville with Laura who is working on a historic district application for the Village. (Doris was born in Williamsville in 1909.) During the visit, reference is made to Hastings Williams' notes on the Village from 1953. Laura is visiting Doris at Thompson House in Brattleboro and there is some background noise.
  • Roy's family moved to Newfane in 1919 when he was seven years old. He tells about growing up in "the Union district" where his father started a farm. He tells entertaining stories including a summer job as a laborer on the paving of Route 30 from Newfane to Townshend, repairing the West River Railroad after the Flood of '27, and riding the"excursion train" with his wife from Brattleboro to Newfane in a snowstorm. This recording takes place during the senor meal at Williamsville Hall and has some background noise.
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    Merton describes in further detail the operations of Timson's and Phillips' steam saw mills in Williamsville and South Newfane around 1929. Merton would have been around 18 or 19 years old, and it was the first work he had off the family farm in Rawsonville.
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    Merton describes Vermont wildlife from his youth to the present, including hunting, trapping, and bounties of the times. When Merton mentions "the farm," he is referring to the farm where he was born (1910) and raised in Rawsonville, Vermont. Merton is 93 years old at the time of this recording.
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    Merton talks about the West River Railroad and shipping items down the line. He recalls his first job working for Timson and Phillips at a steam saw mill in Williamsville. Merton is 93 years old at the time of this recording with Laura Wallingford and Castle Freeman.
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    Ray Bates tells stories of special times in Newfane during the 1960’s and later including a controversial helicopter landing near the Common, a Ford Motor Company car commercial made on the Common, fiddle and banjo contests at the flea market grounds, and the Timex Corporation’s gifting of watches to villagers.
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    #1 Ray Bates shares about his 55 years in Newfane following time in Boston, London, and his birthplace, Scotland. As an engineer and restorer of fine clocks, Ray created The British Clockmaker, a clock shop in the center of Newfane now owned by his son, Richard. Ray speaks of Newfane neighbors, special town events, photography, and stories about the former inn he and his wife Beverly live in.
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    Prior to his retirement in 2019, Windham County Sheriff, Keith Clark, was one of three featured speakers at the Historical Society of Windham County's Annual Meeting in 2018. Sheriff Clark shared personal stories as well as humorous and serious stories in the line of duty.
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