The Community Memory Project serves as a place to preserve stories, anecdotes, thoughts and memories about Newfane, Williamsville, South Newfane and Brookline, Vermont. The project started in the Fall of 2020. This website is an archive for digital recordings of people's voices, images and photos, and documents related to their community memories. 

The project received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Recently Added Items

2018 Annual Meeting HSWC featuring Sheriff Clark

Sheriff Clark.jpg

Prior to his retirement in 2019, Windham County Sheriff, Keith Clark, was one of three featured speakers at the Historical Society of Windham County's…

Interview with Bev Kingsley


Bev Kingsley remembers her time as both a camper and a camp counselor at Hobby Hill Camp. She talks about how charming Billy Flint was, describes the…

Interview with Tracy Berchi


Tracy Berchi discusses how she became a massage therapist, what she loves about living in Newfane, Vermont, how she was impacted by Hurricane Irene,…

Interview with Ellie Greenwood Applegate


Ellie shared her memories of growing up in South Newfane where her parents owned the General Store from 1935 to 1965. She attended the one room…

Interview with Polly Casanova


Polly grew up in a large family in Newfane Village. She shared fond memories of friends and neighbors--young and old--in the Village, and the special…