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Interview with Margot Zalkind Mayor

Margot Zalkind Mayor discusses her career in publishing, publicity, and rowing. She discusses how the COVID pandemic has changed publishing and author events. She talks about hno She mentions her experience during Hurricane Irene and a memorable…

Interview with Mary Robinson Laitres

Mary Laitres.jpg
Mary shared her memories of moving from "Wadsboro" to Newfane as a young girl, living in the house next to Tibbetts Mill and then to the house on the Common (currently Winnie Dolan's). Mary recalled her school days, sledding, tobogganing, and skiing…

Interview with Castle & Alice Freeman

Buying and renovating the 18th century Cape House on Newfane Hill, Castle's writing career and volunteer work at NewBrook Fire & Rescue; Alice's evolving art career.

Interview with Dan Dewalt

Dan Dewalt acknowledges his white, male privilege and speaks about his affiliation with the South Newfane Schoolhouse, Rock River Artists, the Commons weekly newspaper, op-ed articles, the Newfane Selectboard, the movement to impeach George Bush,…

Interview with Calvin Powling Jr.

Calvin Powling Jr. speaks his life-long experience as a logger including his love of working in the winter woods, his admiration of area foresters, and his knowledge of trees. He tells stories about his 36 years on Timson Hill, hunting white-tailed…

Interview with Toni Powling

Toni Powling shares stories about gatherings with her large multi-generational family and about her busy southern Vermont firewood business. She speaks of her experiences hunting, her love of cooking and baking, and changes over time on Timson Hill.

Interview with Priscilla Cotton and Margaret "Missy" Stearns

Priscilla Cotton and Margaret "Missy" Stearns talk about working at Hearts Bend Camp in the 1980s and 1990s. They mention Nina Meyerhoff, the camp director, the Children of the Earth program, and working at Leland & Grey High School.

Interview with Alice Ryan

Alice shares about her abiding love of nature and rural life that led her to move to Newfane Hill in 1991 when she built her home and began acquiring Icelandic horses. She has become an (unofficial) regional “ambassador” for Icelandic horses given…

Interview with Fred Homer

Fred Homer talked about his early years in Vermont, his art, his birds and life on Beetlestone Hill in Williamsville.

Interview with David Y. Parker

David Y. Parker discusses his career in teaching elementary school in Newfane, VT (and a stint in Wardsboro). He talks about changes that happened in the education systems during his time as a teacher, meaningful projects he was able to do with his…