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    Merton talks about the West River Railroad and shipping items down the line. He recalls his first job working for Timson and Phillips at a steam saw mill in Williamsville. Merton is 93 years old at the time of this recording with Laura Wallingford and Castle Freeman.
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    Ray Bates tells stories of special times in Newfane during the 1960’s and later including a controversial helicopter landing near the Common, a Ford Motor Company car commercial made on the Common, fiddle and banjo contests at the flea market grounds, and the Timex Corporation’s gifting of watches to villagers.
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    #1 Ray Bates shares about his 55 years in Newfane following time in Boston, London, and his birthplace, Scotland. As an engineer and restorer of fine clocks, Ray created The British Clockmaker, a clock shop in the center of Newfane now owned by his son, Richard. Ray speaks of Newfane neighbors, special town events, photography, and stories about the former inn he and his wife Beverly live in.
  • At the public Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Windham County in 2018, several individuals from the community were asked to tell stories. The first Storyteller, introduced by Richard Marek, president of the HSWC, is Roger Albee from Brookline.
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    Prior to his retirement in 2019, Windham County Sheriff, Keith Clark, was one of three featured speakers at the Historical Society of Windham County's Annual Meeting in 2018. Sheriff Clark shared personal stories as well as humorous and serious stories in the line of duty.
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    Bev Kingsley remembers her time as both a camper and a camp counselor at Hobby Hill Camp. She talks about how charming Billy Flint was, describes the support and friendship the girls shared, and mentions trips to the auction in Newfane village, the Grouts' pond and boathouse, and driving from Schenedtady to Vermont.
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    Tracy Berchi discusses how she became a massage therapist, what she loves about living in Newfane, Vermont, how she was impacted by Hurricane Irene, and how the coronavirus has impacted her business.
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    Ellie shared her memories of growing up in South Newfane where her parents owned the General Store from 1935 to 1965. She attended the one room schoolhouse next door, then "graduated" to the two room schoolhouse in Williamsville. Ellie tells of her marriage (in the early 1970s) to Gideon Applegate, and describes his athletic career in Negro League Baseball. Gideon was the first black person her parents ever met.
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    Polly grew up in a large family in Newfane Village. She shared fond memories of friends and neighbors--young and old--in the Village, and the special bond with her family. She and her husband, Patsy, ran their store in Newfane for 25 years.
  • Interview of Vera Harrington in 2010 conducted by Laura Wallingford-Bacon and Castle Freeman as part of the Newfane Remembers project. This interview is three parts with breaks from when the cassette tape was switched. Bruce, Vera's son, also makes a brief appearance.
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