Interview with Carleen Pelsue, Part 1


Interview with Carleen Pelsue, Part 1


Carleen Pelsue discusses spending the summers on the top of Newfane Hill as a child, in a lively and social home, including getting a television set up in the window so people could watch the World Series from the lawn. The home was a retreat for her mother Ruth and her father, Dr. Carlos Otis, though patients would find their way to his doorstep sometimes and Carleen would be on hand when Dr. Otis would treat them at the kitchen table. Carleen also discusses Ben-Casson, a relgious revival site on Newfane Hill, founded by Harriet Caswell, a missionary to Indians in NY State. Carleen also discusses some of the noteworthy bird and botany scientists who were affiliated with Newfane Hill, including Abel Grout, who built the house where Carleen and her husband Bucky now live. She discusses wildlife, the weather, and how she stayed connected with her family during the pandemic.


August 16, 2021

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Carleen Pelsue


Erica Walch


Newfane, VT



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