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Interview with Alice Ryan

Alice shares about her abiding love of nature and rural life that led her to move to Newfane Hill in 1991 when she built her home and began acquiring Icelandic horses. She has become an (unofficial) regional “ambassador” for Icelandic horses given…

Interview with Toni Powling

Toni Powling shares stories about gatherings with her large multi-generational family and about her busy southern Vermont firewood business. She speaks of her experiences hunting, her love of cooking and baking, and changes over time on Timson Hill.

Interview with Calvin Powling Jr.

Calvin Powling Jr. speaks his life-long experience as a logger including his love of working in the winter woods, his admiration of area foresters, and his knowledge of trees. He tells stories about his 36 years on Timson Hill, hunting white-tailed…

Interview with Cynthia Nau

Cynthia Nau discusses working as a librarian at the Moore Free Library and Brookline and Newfane (and NewBrook) Elementary Schools in the 1980s through 2017. She talks about her love of reading and books and why libraries are important for children.

Interview with Louise Sirois

Photograph of Louise Sirois
Louise Sirois was the Library Director at the Moore Free Library in Newfane, VT from 2013 to 2018. She talks about her time at the library, some favorite books, technology improvements she ushered in, and how much she enjoyed the Newfane community.

Interview with Lee Anne Parker

Lee Anne Parker discusses her experience managing the Crowell Art Gallery in the Moore Free Library, in Newfane, VT. Lee Anne talks about her day-to-day responsibilities, how the community appreciates the gallery, how local artists enjoy showing in…

Interview with Tim Shafer

Interview with Dr. Timothy Shafer, who discusses working for more than 30 years as a medical doctor in a small rural practice in Vermont.

Interview with Myra Fasler

Myra Fasler talks about moving to Newfane, VT in the 1970s from Connecticut. She discusses her involvement with the Moore Free Library as a board member and member of the Friends of the Library group. She mentions Robert Crowell and Lillian Farber.

Interview with Lil Slover

Lillian Slover talks about moving to Newfane, VT in the 1960s from New Jersey. She mentions the Mantel family, hunting, and yoga.

Interview with Jessie Kayam and Caitlin Burlett

Jessie Kayan and Caitlin Burlett talk about their time living at Hearts Bend in Newfane, VT. They discuss starting to farm the land there, farming additional land in Brookline, VT, Hearts Bend campers who would sometimes stop by, renovating a cabin,…