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Bud Pyatak talks about his life in South Newfane. He was the local attorney for many years. He is also an avid baseball fan and coached the junior league baseball teams. As a musician he played with a band called "White Noise". He now lives on…

Paul talks about his family’s operation of the Glendale Ski Area which operated off of South Wardsboro Road in the later 1950’s, early 60’s.

Carleen is joined by her husband, Bucky, to tell more stories about her family’s life on Newfane Hill as well as the history of the area.

Joan talks about her mother, Elizabeth Coleman, who was the librarian at the Moore Free Library from 1960 to 1980. Elizabeth and her husband, Ray, lived and worked in the building that housed both the library and the Newfane town clerk’s office.

The Crowells
John and Tif tell stories about visiting Newfane with their father Robert L. Crowell. Robert Crowell donated the funds for the expansion of the Moore Free Library and renovation of the barn into a gallery. He also donated his book and art…

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Howard Osgood, long time resident of Brookline, VT, is interviewed by his old friend, Theresa Maggio.

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This is the 2nd part of an interview done with Howard's old friends Theresa and Dot Maggio. Howard continues to tell stories about life in Brookline, VT.

Dot Maggio
Dot Maggio is interviewed by her sister Theresa. Dot talks about her time working at West River Lodge and her more recent life in Brookline, VT.

Interview with Ruth Hamilton Daigneault. She discusses the good old days of growing up in Newfane village and compares what life was like then with what it's like in the 21st century. She touches on living through WW2 with blackout curtains on the…

Sandy picks up her story where she marries Richard Dowley after high school graduation. They work the family farm on River Road until they finally get out of the dairy business and sell the farm. Sandy works at the Book Press until she is elected…
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