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Hobby Hill

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    Seena Karen Rasmussen Drapala shares her memories of Billy Flint, including Billy's days of running Camp Hobby Hill in Newfane. Seena discusses the Danish sisterhood of Schenectady, NY and how both her grandmothers knew Billy, as well as Seena's friendship with her. Seena reads a poem written by her grandmother about Hobby Hill.
  • Interview with Phyllis Lustig, who was a camp counselor and swim instructor at Hobby Hill Camp in 1954 and 1955. Phyllis discusses daily life at the camp, what the physical layout was like, and how the counselors would walk down to Newfane Village or drive into Brattleboro on their day off. She discusses Billy Flint, who ran the camp, and the Schenectady, NY and Newfane, VT connection. Phyllis is interviewed by Erica Walch, the current owner of Hobby Hill.
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    Bev Kingsley remembers her time as both a camper and a camp counselor at Hobby Hill Camp. She talks about how charming Billy Flint was, describes the support and friendship the girls shared, and mentions trips to the auction in Newfane village, the Grouts' pond and boathouse, and driving from Schenedtady to Vermont.