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Hearts Bend


Hearts Bend


Memories related to the property known as Hearts Bend in Newfane, VT

Collection Items

  • Kayan-Jessie-and-Burlett-Caitlin_2009_image.jpg

    Jessie Kayan and Caitlin Burlett talk about their time living at Hearts Bend in Newfane, VT. They discuss starting to farm the land there, farming additional land in Brookline, VT, Hearts Bend campers who would sometimes stop by, renovating a cabin, and dealing with Hurricane Irene during their wedding. This interview was done over Zoom; there are ambient sounds and a visit from the couple's young daughter.
  • Meyerhoff_Nina_2020_image.jpeg

    Interview with Nina Meyerhoff, who was the proprietor of Hearts Bend Camp in Newfane, VT from 1970 to 2000. She discusses how her parents came to live in Newfane, her goals for establishing the camp, some stories involving neighbors, and the adjustment she faced after closing the camp and moving to a city. This interview was conducted via Zoom.
  • Priscilla Cotton and Margaret "Missy" Stearns talk about working at Hearts Bend Camp in the 1980s and 1990s. They mention Nina Meyerhoff, the camp director, the Children of the Earth program, and working at Leland & Grey High School.