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Interview with Dr. Timothy Shafer, who discusses working for more than 30 years as a medical doctor in a small rural practice in Vermont.

Myra Fasler talks about moving to Newfane, VT in the 1970s from Connecticut. She discusses her involvement with the Moore Free Library as a board member and member of the Friends of the Library group. She mentions Robert Crowell and Lillian Farber.

Lillian Slover talks about moving to Newfane, VT in the 1960s from New Jersey. She mentions the Mantel family, hunting, and yoga.

Jessie Kayan and Caitlin Burlett talk about their time living at Hearts Bend in Newfane, VT. They discuss starting to farm the land there, farming additional land in Brookline, VT, Hearts Bend campers who would sometimes stop by, renovating a cabin,…

Johanna Gardner discusses growing up in Newfane, her travels in Europe and North America, homestead farming, her family, and changes to her lifestyle brought on by the coronavirus. This interview was conducted via zoom.

Interview with Nina Meyerhoff, who was the proprietor of Hearts Bend Camp in Newfane, VT from 1970 to 2000. She discusses how her parents came to live in Newfane, her goals for establishing the camp, some stories involving neighbors, and the…

Patty Smith Robinson discusses reconnecting with her high school sweetheart (Larry Robinson, interviewed elsewhere), the beauty of Newfane compared to other towns in Vermont, communicating electronically and in person with family members, and the…

Winnie Dolan discusses how she and her husband came to live in Newfane, VT (by buying the first house they saw) and her involvement in the village trustees, including installing new sidewalks, and working with the church.

Bahman Mahdavi discusses living in Newfane, VT, raising children in the town, living through 9/11, Hurricane Irene, and the Coronavirus pandemic in small town Vermont, technological changes, and the idea of Vermont Exceptionalism.

Marion talks about spending time in Vermont as a child, the differences between Southern and Northern, VT, attending Goddard College, Hurricane Irene, the COVID-19 Pandemic, serving on the selectboard of Newfane, and how important it is to visit with…
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