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Interview of Vera Harrington in 2010 conducted by Laura Wallingford-Bacon and Castle Freeman as part of the Newfane Remembers project. This interview is three parts with breaks from when the cassette tape was switched. Bruce, Vera's son, also makes a…

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Prior to his retirement in 2019, Windham County Sheriff, Keith Clark, was one of three featured speakers at the Historical Society of Windham County's Annual Meeting in 2018. Sheriff Clark shared personal stories as well as humorous and serious…

Winnie Dolan discusses how she and her husband came to live in Newfane, VT (by buying the first house they saw) and her involvement in the village trustees, including installing new sidewalks, and working with the church.

Tracy Berchi discusses how she became a massage therapist, what she loves about living in Newfane, Vermont, how she was impacted by Hurricane Irene, and how the coronavirus has impacted her business.

Toni Powling shares stories about gatherings with her large multi-generational family and about her busy southern Vermont firewood business. She speaks of her experiences hunting, her love of cooking and baking, and changes over time on Timson Hill.

Interview with Dr. Timothy Shafer, who discusses working for more than 30 years as a medical doctor in a small rural practice in Vermont.

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Thom discusses growing up in Newfane Village, working at the Newfane Inn and learning the restaurant business from Chef Rene Chardaine, who later opened the Four Columns Inn. He remembers Budd and Don Kent, the postmaster and mailman who were also…

Stephan Morse spoke about growing up in Newfane and his connection to the local Newfane Store owned by his family. Stephan's political path included local seats as well as state government including Speaker of the Vermont House, the youngest in the…

Seena Karen Rasmussen Drapala shares her memories of Billy Flint, including Billy's days of running Camp Hobby Hill in Newfane. Seena discusses the Danish sisterhood of Schenectady, NY and how both her grandmothers knew Billy, as well as Seena's…

Sandy picks up her story where she marries Richard Dowley after high school graduation. They work the family farm on River Road until they finally get out of the dairy business and sell the farm. Sandy works at the Book Press until she is elected…
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